In 1999, hosted on Hyperreal.org, a new mailing list was formed, the DSL (DarkStepList). The archives for this mailing are still available at Hyperreal Darkstep Archives. Shortly thereafter, organized by Joe Pitassi and Robert Skinner (of Black Monolith) the first CD release was made available, consisting of artists on the DSL. (DSL1.0).

DSL1.0 was a mix compiled of list and non-list artists apart of Darkstep.org and other underground Producers supporting Industrial; Darkstep, Minimal, Broken Beat, IDM, Glitch, and Jungle. Originally released on CD in 2001, this was re-released in digital format March 2007. Limited edition of 100 copies.

In 2001, Darkstep.org was taken over by EDGEY, and the mailing list was retired and replaced by a website forum, and shortly thereafter plans were put in motion to re-release the original CD release as a digital download, along with plans to turn darkstep.org into a full netlabel with the intention to promote artists focusing on dark drum n bass, jungle, breakcore, wreckstep, and all other forms of drum n bass with a harder darker edge.

Since that time, 18 digital releases have been distributed.



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